Illustration and Illustrated Map Design

Simple Maps

I make a lot of maps that are really illustrations and some even border on being architectural renderings, but I want to showcase a few of my really simple map designs. Sometimes for a large area, a complex combination of streets or just for extreme clarity simple can be better.

Miami Beach Convention Center Parking Map

Downtown Miami Mass Transit Map

Custom downtown Miami map

transit map

West Palm Beach parking map

Yacht Layouts

I would like to show a few yacht layouts I’ve done in the past as examples of what I can provide. The first three were done in Illustrator and the last was rendered in 3D software. I made several versions of the first three layouts reflecting many customized layouts in a charter fleet. These were used online as well is in print ads.

Lagoon 440 layout
Lagoon 500 layout
Lagoon 380 layout

I would like to be very clear that I DID NOT CREATE THE MODEL USED IN THIS LAST EXAMPLE. The model was created by a naval architect (who did a great job) and supplied by the client. I made the furniture, put it together and rendered it. I also rendered several versions of this catamaran showing different versions customized for applications like charter and day cruises. These were originally created for a trade show display.

Gemini Catamaran layout