Adobe Illustrator Isometric Map

Adobe Illustrator Isometric Map

I was recently contracted by the beautiful tourist attraction, Flamingo Gardens, in Davie, Florida to redesign their visitor's map.

This was a very exciting project for me. The map required a lot of skill, patience and a variety of techniques and tools in Adobe Illustrator. Further complicating issues, the tree canopy at the park is so thick that aerial photography is not helpful at all. I started out sketching the paths, but later switched to a hand held GPS. It was very helpful, but I still found I needed to clean up the design and revisit the park to verify the accuracy. I also did some more detailed sketching during that visit. At that point, I had a good basis to start with. From there on it was lot's of dedicated work and patience. I utilized a lot of custom textures and brushes I have made over the years and created quite a few new ones as well. Some parts were more of a technical challenge while other parts allowed me to draw in a freehand style. A project this big was bound to supply variety.

I have really enjoyed working on this project. This map is a quantum leap ahead for Flamingo Gardens in legibility and comprehension as well as aesthetics. Now they will have a map that will keep their guests from getting lost and make a nice souvenir as well. The map should be released to the public in or around April.

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