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Dinosaur World FL Map – Time-Lapse

Posted March 26, 2010

One of my recent large projects has been the new visitor’s map for Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida. Dinosaur World is a great attraction featuring over 150 hand crafted, sculpted dinosaurs. Located right off of I4 between Tampa and Orlando, the park is great fun for kids and adults featuring educational exhibits, a huge playground, picnic areas and of course tons of dinosaurs. Lovingly created by the Svensson family, the park in Plant City is one of three parks with the other two Dinosaur Worlds located in Cave City, Kentucky and Glen Rose, Texas. Be sure and visit their web site at and visit the park in person.

The management at Dinosaur World contacted me back in mid February inquiring about a redesign of their visitor’s map. We reached an agreement and I went up to see the park and collect the data needed to create the map. I had a great time and the data all lived up to expectations. Partially due to the panoramic photography I shot there weren’t a lot of revisions based on incorrect placement or that sort of thing.

The project moved quickly and efficiently and I ran an ongoing screen capture as I have done with the Flamingo Gardens Map and the Snow Scene for Foreign Trade Zone Corporation. As with the Flamingo Gardens Map I did not include every single thing that I did in the interest of not putting anyone to sleep. The speed is doubled six times over giving you the ability to see how I work and the thought process behind it without being burdened by specifics of technique. The project was done primarily in Adobe Illustrator, although I do jump to other programs for a second every now and then as you will see in the video.

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    Excellent map. I really enjoyed how you put it together. Thanks!

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