brochure design and illustration

Brochure Design and Illustration

Brochure Design

I am pleased to announce that Flamingo Gardens will be releasing their new map as well as a new brochure of my design within the next few days to weeks.

I’ve posted a lot about the map already, but I haven’t mentioned the brochure that is the other side of the printed map.

It is highlighted by an illustration I did in Adobe Illustrator in kind of an Art Deco style to fit with the historic and classy nature of the venue. The font used in the title is “Potter Slim Deco”, which I designed and is available for sale from the downloads page. The spot illustrations are largely made from pieces of the map, thereby tying it all together. The final brochure was constructed in Adobe InDesign.

A larger image of the main illustration alone can be seen in the illustration gallery.