CD Case Illustration

Custom Album Cover Art

Custom Album Cover Art

Things went so well with the cover for The Brainstorm Trust’s new album, Harmonic Motion that they have asked me to return and create a special illustration for the back of the CD case.

CD back illustration
CD illustrations
CD illustrations

This project really blurs the lines between illustration and map design, since this map design is an illustration only and no such place exists. The musicians had the very creative idea to follow through on the album concept of an immersive experience that conjures thoughts and feelings of a visit to a theme park by making an image that looks like the visitor’s map to the park. The tracks of the album directly correspond to the attractions at the park, so the map key becomes a directory to both the tracks and the park. I don’t recall having seen such well thought out integration of visual artwork on a disk before. Even the great album covers we all love usually serve only as decoration.

When The Brainstorm Trust originally contacted me this concept was to be the cover and I created one mockup that resembles the layout you see here. A change was made in the direction of the cover, but the idea was too good to let go of.

I wish Noah and Ian great success in this grand endeavor. It’s very exciting for me to be a small part of it.

CD back illustrationIllustration without design

Be sure and check out the following tracks.

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