yacht layout

Yacht Layouts

Illustrated Boat Layouts

I would like to show a few yacht layouts I’ve done in the past as examples of what I can provide. The first three were done in Illustrator and the last was rendered in 3D software. I made several versions of the first three layouts reflecting many customized layouts in a charter fleet. These were used online as well is in print ads.

Lagoon 440 layout
Lagoon 500 layout
Lagoon 380 layout

I would like to be very clear that I DID NOT CREATE THE MODEL USED IN THIS LAST EXAMPLE. The model was created by a naval architect (who did a great job) and supplied by the client. I made the furniture, put it together and rendered it. I also rendered several versions of this catamaran showing different versions customized for applications like charter and day cruises. These were originally created for a trade show display.

Gemini Catamaran layout

yacht layout