Resort Room Renderings – Illustrations of Accommodations

Illustrations of Accommodations

You may know that I recently visited The Bahamas to work on a project. Well this is what I was working on… My client needed illustrated renderings of the room layouts of the resort accommodations. There are a few different kinds of rooms and options for furnishings like double beds or a single king sized bed and then there are different options for combining rooms. Some rooms can be linked through doorways to form large suites and even a full condo arrangement. It adds up to a dizzying array of renderings to put together. I spent a lot of time frantically running around measuring and building the room models. It seemed wise to take advantage of the proximity of the rooms and find any flaws or questions in my measurements while I was still there. I did use stock models extensively for furnishings. It was hard work, but I and the client are pleased with the results. Illustrations of accommodations.

To learn more about visiting The Bahamas visit my client’s site.

Illustrations of Accommodations

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