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Resort Room Renderings

Illustrations of Accommodations You may know that I recently visited The Bahamas to work on a project. Well this is what I was working on… My client needed illustrated renderings of the room layouts of the resort accommodations. There are a few different kinds of rooms and options for furnishings like double beds or a

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Urban Planning Renderings

Architectural Renderings for Urban Planning I want to mention right away that I used stock models extensively on this project. As a result, I don’t take full credit for these illustrations. I used what was available rather than working from scratch whenever possible to reduce labor, cost and time. Although I used a lot of

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Marina Site Plans and Surveys

Scale planning and site drawings of marinas Although I’m not an architect or a trained surveyor I have a reputation for quality scale technical drawing of marinas from my many boat show maps. As a result I have been contracted by marinas in recent years to provide scale (and near scale) drawings for planning and

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Architectural Renderings

I’d like to share some renderings I recently created for the proposal for a new restaurant. I want to point out right away that although I did build most of the model I did use some stock models for details and the paintings hanging on the wall are by the late, great illustrator Howard Pyle.

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