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Southern Boating Magazine Article

Boat Show Maps The article above appears in the February 2016 Issue of Southern Boating Magazine (page 87). The text appears below as well. "Navigating Miami's multiple venues is easier when you use a map. If you're at Yachts Miami Beach - formerly The Miami Yacht and Br...

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Botanical Gardens Illustrated Map in Spanish

I just completed the Spanish translated versions of the Flamingo Gardens map and the corresponding brochure that goes on the other side. Be sure and leave a comments by clicking on "Comments" above and let me know what you think. ...

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Illustrated Map for a Powerboat & Sailboat Show

Boat Show Map I just completed revisions to the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show illustrated map for 2015. The show (and the map) extends a little further north this year. Learn more about the The 38th Annual St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show taking place from Thurs...

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An International Boat Show Map Illustration

I have just completed revisions to the Newport International Boat Show map for 2015. The 45th Annual Newport International Boat Show is September 17 - 20, 2015. Parking and transportation information can be found on the show website. Visit the show's website to learn ...

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Animal Sanctuary Map Design and Illustration

Illustrated Animal Sanctuary Map I have just completed revisions to the illustrated map of The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO. They have really expanded a lot since I made their initial map back in 2013. Of course there were smaller changes as well, but I am flabberga...

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Visitor’s Illustrated Guide Map to a Public Botanical Gardens and Wildlife Sanctuary

Public Botanical Gardens Picture Map Just an update that I recently made some revisions to the Flamingo Gardens illustrated map I created back in 2010. The biggest changes are a much greater emphasis on the big cluster fig tree that serves as a great landmark to visitors and...

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