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Magazine Page Layout

Page Layout Although the bulk of my work is maps and illustration I do some page layout as well. These layouts were for a recent issue of Powerboating in Paradise magazine. As in most page layout situations there was a lot of collaboration and I would like to thank Editor/Publisher Stu Jones for the opportunity

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Package Design for Oranges

I was recently subcontracted by City Streetz, a full service graphics shop here in Fort Lauderdale, to create a box design for delicious Honeybell Oranges for a company called Cushman’s Fruit Company. City Streetz frequently calls upon me for illustration projects and maps. The box is a rather heavy duty and complex cardboard box. I

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Brochure Design and Illustration

Brochure Design I am pleased to announce that Flamingo Gardens will be releasing their new map as well as a new brochure of my design within the next few days to weeks. I’ve posted a lot about the map already, but I haven’t mentioned the brochure that is the other side of the printed map.

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