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Botanical Gardens Map Revamp

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Illustrated map of a Botanical Garden, Wildlife Sanctuary and a home for injured bird and animals

Flamingo Gardens wanted a fresh new look for the illustrated map I created for them back in 2010. They wanted to try a much lighter look with a white background. There were also some small revisions to paths and the addition of their new otter habitat.

The new map:

The original map from 2010:

Revisions were also done to the brochure on the opposing side of the map, but they were minor and no revisions were done to the cover illustration I did back in 2010.

Hiking Trail maps for Miami-Dade County Parks and Rec.

County Park Trail Maps

I just wrapped up these overhead maps of hiking trails in six Miami-Dade County parks. The Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department is going to use these for a few things including a phone app. They wanted a simple, yet illustrated overhead look without much detail. They were fun to create and the people with the county were great.

AD Barnes Park
Arch Creek Park
Bill Sidowski Park
Castellow Hammock Park
Crandon Park Greynolds Park

Proposed Motorsports Park Illustration

Tracks and Facilities Map/Architectural Rendering

Illustrated Raceway Map

I recently completed this rendering for a client planning expansion of a motorsports attraction. Very little of what you see presently exists. The yet to be completed areas were created based on rough site plans supplied by the client. What you see is actually a 3D model allowing me to render the facilities and tracks from different angles and at different levels of zoom as needed.

Illustrated Raceway Map