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Proposed Motorsports Park Illustration

Tracks and Facilities Map/Architectural Rendering

Illustrated Raceway Map

I recently completed this rendering for a client planning expansion of a motorsports attraction. Very little of what you see presently exists. The yet to be completed areas were created based on rough site plans supplied by the client. What you see is actually a 3D model allowing me to render the facilities and tracks from different angles and at different levels of zoom as needed.

Illustrated Raceway Map

Illustrated Camp Map

illustrated camp map

illustrated camp map coloring page

My client, Great Blue Resorts, contracted me to create this illustrated map for Camp Ooch (short for Camp Oochigeas) in Ontario, Canada. It’s a great camp for kids with cancer.

The requirements were that I create a map of the camp for visitors to use for navigational purposes, but also a version that is black and white and serves as a coloring book page. Another request was that the black and white version have a hidden image game. I’ve posted a version without the hidden images so there are no spoilers for the kids. I had never done a black and white matching version of a map before so it was a fun little adventure for me. This map also has quite a few little people on it. This is something I haven’t done much of in the past either. I learn something new on most every project.

illustrated camp map

Simple Maps

I make a lot of maps that are really illustrations and some even border on being architectural renderings, but I want to showcase a few of my really simple map designs. Sometimes for a large area, a complex combination of streets or just for extreme clarity simple can be better.

Miami Beach Convention Center Parking Map

Downtown Miami Mass Transit Map

Custom downtown Miami map

transit map

West Palm Beach parking map