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Hiking Trail maps for Miami-Dade County Parks and Rec.

County Park Trail Maps I just wrapped up these overhead maps of hiking trails in six Miami-Dade County parks. The Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department is going to use these for a few things including a phone app. They wanted a simple, yet illustrated overhead look w...

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Illustrated Camp Map

Illustrated Map of a Kids' Camp My client contracted me to create this illustrated map for camp in Ontario, Canada. The requirements were that I create a map of the camp for visitors to use for navigational purposes, but also a version that is black and white and s...

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Simple Maps

Maps I make a lot of maps that are really illustrations and some even border on being architectural renderings, but I want to showcase a few of my really simple map designs. Sometimes for a large area, a complex combination of streets or just for extreme clarity simple can be be...

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Illustrated maps for neighborhoods, towns or cities and larger areas

Illustrated Maps I'm frequently approached by municipalities and other government and private institutions about creating illustrated maps of neighborhoods, towns or cities and larger areas. Each of these types of maps requires a different scale and has it's own strengths and we...

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