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Hiking Trail maps for Miami-Dade County Parks and Rec.

County Park Trail Maps I just wrapped up these overhead maps of hiking trails in six Miami-Dade County parks. The Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department is going to use these for a few things including a phone app. They wanted a simple, yet illustrated overhead look w...

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Simple Maps

Maps I make a lot of maps that are really illustrations and some even border on being architectural renderings, but I want to showcase a few of my really simple map designs. Sometimes for a large area, a complex combination of streets or just for extreme clarity simple can be be...

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Illustrated Map for a Boat Show in Palm Beach

Illustrated Map The maps for the 2016 Palm Beach International Boat Show are now complete. This year in addition to updating the main map I've created a new parking map and new look and feel for the tent detail maps. West Palm Beach Parking Map Palm Beach Inter...

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