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Illustration – Food Truck Vinyl Wrap

1950s Diner Illustration Photos compliments of Belgraphix I just completed this rendering for my friend Barry Belotti at Belgraphix Marketing Group in Massachusetts. Barry designed the logo. I should mention that I used stock models and photography extensively on this...

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Illustrated Camp Map

Illustrated Map of a Kids' Camp My client contracted me to create this illustrated map for camp in Ontario, Canada. The requirements were that I create a map of the camp for visitors to use for navigational purposes, but also a version that is black and white and s...

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Sunset Harbour Model Tour

Architectural Style Map of a Miami Beach Neighborhood I just put together this brief tour of a model of the Sunset Harbour neighborhood of Miami Beach I created a while ago for an illustrated map. Of course the map was only rendered from one angle, so a lot of this work goes un...

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