Portrait of actor Jason Lee

Actor Jason Lee

Vector based portrait of Jason Lee

Vector based illustration created using Adobe Illustrator.

I very seldom create “fan art”. It doesn’t seem fair to me since you can’t differentiate between the popularity of the subject matter and the popularity of your own work, but I’ve made an exception. I’m teaching myself some new skills and refreshing some old ones so this is as much about the exercise as the product. I decided to do something I thought I would enjoy, a portrait of Earl Hickey from the TV show My Name Is Earl. The show was created by Greg Garcia and the part of Earl was played by Jason Lee. It ran run from 2005 to 2008 and can still be found on services like Netflix.

I created the initial sketch in Photoshop and then switched to Illustrator for the final color work. I made several versions, but prefer the most straightforward, simple one.

Original sketch done in Photoshop

Some additional versions

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